from Vietnam to Afghanistan & Iraq: Lessons learned & not learned

Apr 20, 2015

What have we learned about America's recent wars abroad?

Guests:  Ambassador Larry Pope, retired.  He served in the foreign service and diplomatic corps for thirty one years, in one the most important, and difficult, regions in the world – the Middle East, as well as North Africa.  After retirement, he served for several months as the Staff Director in Jerusalem for the International Committee on Middle East Peace, led by former Senator George Mitchell, and after 9/11, he was appointed Senior Advisor for Arab Affairs to the United Nations.
  Nick Mills: author of "Combat Photographer," and "KARZAI," and Senior Writer of the new illustrated history of the Vietnam war, "The American Experience in Vietnam -- Reflections on an Era."  He taught journalism at Boston University for 26 years, trained journalists in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, and is a strategic communications consultant.  His new book is "The American Experience in Vietnam -- Reflections on an Era."  Nick served as an Army officer in Vietnam, leading a combat photo team; he established an Afghan news service; trained Iraqi Kurds in visual journalism.