Welcoming Spring: Nature Appreciation, Phenology, Citizen Science, Environmental Education

Apr 26, 2019

Credit Isaac Merson

In coordination with the Nature/PBS series “American Spring LIVE” (airing April 29, 30 and May 1) and Maine Public's tie-in event at the Gisland Farm Audubon Center on April 27, our Maine Calling will highlight nature appreciation, phenology, science education and citizen science, and we’ll ask callers to share what signs of spring they look for in their part of the state and how they are getting involved with their natural surroundings.


Beth Bisson, associate director and extension program leader, Maine Sea Grant, University of Maine in Orono; program coordinator, Signs of the Seasons, a New England phenology program

Eric Topper, director of education, Maine Audubon

Noah Perlut, associate professor and chair of the department of environmental studies, University of New England