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News from Russia


Russia experts weigh in on what’s happening inside Russia, why Russia has become more active in world affairs, and how a Clinton or Trump administration would deal with Putin’s Russia.

Guests: Laura Henry, the John F. and Dorothy H. Magee Associate Professor of Government and Legal Studies, specializing in Russian politics, at Bowdoin College

Lucian Kim, future NPR Moscow Correspondent.  He began his career in 1996 as Berlin correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor. In 2003, he moved to Moscow, and became the business editor and a columnist for The Moscow Times. From 2006 to 2010, he covered Russian energy giant Gazprom and Putin’s government for Bloomberg News.  In 2011, he started a blog chronicling the Moscow protest movement. He is a regular contributor to Slate and Reuters.

Louis Sell, retired Foreign Service officer who served twenty-seven years with the US Dept. of State, specializing in Soviet and Balkan affairs.  He is the author of 'Slobodan Milosevic and the Destruction of Yugoslavia.'  His new book is a memoir 'From Washington to Moscow - US-Soviet Relations and the Collapse of the USSR.'

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