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Wabanaki Languages: Effort to Preserve Lost Tribal Dialects & Pass Them To Future Generations

Linda Coan O'Kresik/Bangor Daily News
Indian Island, Maine -- July 16, 2021 -- Penobscot language historian Carol Dana holds a copy of the book she wrote with Margo Lukens and Conor Quinn.

Wabanaki languages are now spoken or understood by very few people, but efforts are underway to preserve and revive these languages for future generations. We'll learn about the ways that some tribal educators are accessing resources and finding new ways to keep their ancestors' words and voices alive.

Carol Dana, educator, Penobscot language master, with the Cultural and Historic Preservation Department for the Penobscot Nation
Dwayne Tomah, Passamaquoddy language teacher; youngest fluent Passamaquoddy speaker
Conor Quinn, adjunct assistant professor of linguistics, University of Southern Maine

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