Chellie Pingree

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Democratic U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree of Maine’s 1st District says Congress should place further restraints on the power of a president to conduct war.

Ed Morin / Maine Public

U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree of Maine’s 1st District was the first member of Maine’s congressional delegation to call for an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

Pingree spoke with Maine Public Radio’s Mal Leary about the impeachment process and what effect it might have on all the other work that’s before Congress.

Leary: Long before many folks were saying they supported an inquiry or an investigation — whichever word you want to use — you were advocating for an investigation.

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As wildfires continue to scorch the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, Maine U.S. House Rep. Chellie Pingree says one of the culprits is President Trump's trade war with China and disruptions in global markets.

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The House version of the National Defense Authorization Act has several proposals sponsored or co-sponsored by 1st District Rep. Chellie Pingree.

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Maine’s 1st Congressional District representative joins us to discuss the latest news from Washington, D.C., including her work on prescription drug pricing, climate change, farming and ocean acidification. We’ll also ask what it’s like working in the majority party.    


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Maine’s two Democratic representatives for Congress usually agree on most issues, but they do not align on a bill that would expand federal background checks on all gun sales, including most private transfers.

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U.S. State Rep. Chellie Pingree is urging passage of the budget bill covering agriculture and Food and Drug Administration programs because she says Mainers are being hurt by the partial federal government shutdown.

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Maine 1st District Congresswoman Chellie Pingree joined a group of incoming House Democrats, along with environmental activists and current members, outside the U.S. Capitol Friday morning to push for transformational action on climate change, something she says the Trump administration and a GOP-backed House have resisted.

Maine Public

Maine Calling speaks with the candidates as part of Maine Public’s Your Vote 2018 coverage.

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Democratic U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree of Maine’s 1st District serves on the conference committee ironing out differences in what congressional leaders are calling minibus spending bills. She says the goal is to avoid a federal government shutdown.

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Congress has until the end of September to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) that has helped fund scores of projects in Maine.

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EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has resigned while under investigation for serval ethics violations.

Maine Rep.Chellie Pingree is happy to see him go, tweeting “good riddance.”

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This weekend, Maine 1st District U.S. House Rep. Chellie Pingree went to the U.S. border in Texas, as part of a delegation of Democrats from New England who visited a dentention center for immigrants there.  Pingree tells Maine Public's Morning Edition host Irwin Gratz what she found out.

Marty Grohman

Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage has come out in support of a candidate in the 1st Congressional District race, and it's not the GOP candidate.

LePage said Tuesday that Democrat-turned-independent Marty Grohman "is what Maine needs." He called him a "good man" who's in politics "for the right reasons."

Grohman, a state lawmaker and businessman from Biddeford, hopes to unseat Democratic Rep. Chellie Pingree. Also in the race is GOP candidate Mark Holbrook, of Brunswick.

Democrats wasted no time in responding to the governor's comment.

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Maine 1st District Rep. Chellie Pingree is co-sponsoring legislation that would prohibit the federal government from separating children from their parents at the country’s border.

“Basically it says there should be no separation and there should be a primary, you know, process of family reunification any time a child is separated,” Pingree says.

Pingree says she has heard from many Maine constituents who say they are outraged at the news that children are being separated from their parents when trying to enter the country.