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State officials are offering a final proposal to federal regulators for changes in the state's lobster fishery aimed at reducing the risk of entanglements for the endangered northern right whale. The new proposal makes some changes to a plan the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) floated in the fall, but it still may not satisfy lobstermen or conservation groups.

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is allocating $1.6 million to help the lobster industry adapt to new and pending gear rules that aim to protect the endangered North Atlantic right whale.

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Maine's Marine Resources commissioner is proposing new lobstering rules that he says will protect the endangered North Atlantic right whale from extinction while minimizing economic and safety risks for fishermen. The state plan marks a significant departure from a federal proposal.

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Maine lobstermen hauling traps in an internationally disputed section of the Bay of Fundy, known as the “gray zone,” will be allowed some extra hours working at sea this year under a resolve recently enacted by the Maine Legislature. It’s the latest but likely not the last skirmish in a long-running conflict between Canada and the U.S. over fishing rules in the zone.

AUGUSTA, Maine - A new law in Maine is designed to help lobster fishermen who develop major illnesses keep their licenses active.

PORTLAND, Maine - Federal fishing managers are asking for comments about potential changes to the way the U.S.'s lucrative lobster fishing industry is monitored.
The American lobster fishery is based in New England and is worth hundreds of millions of dollars every year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is looking to craft new rules about the way fishermen report their catch.

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A young restaurateur from Maine and a group of forward-thinking lobstermen have joined forces in Tenants Harbor to form an unusual partnership that is attracting attention in the fishing industry.

Luke Holden, of the Luke’s Lobster restaurant chain, is buying nearly every single lobster that the newly formed Tenants Harbor Fisherman’s Co-op can land. He has also built a wharf-side lobster shack at the co-op and has pledged to reinvest half of its profits back into the fisherman’s organization.

PORTLAND, Maine — Maine’s congressional delegation is asking the Obama administration to resist efforts to ban the import of live Maine lobsters by European Union countries.

The delegation said Monday in a letter that the discovery of a small number of American lobsters in Swedish waters hardly represents an "invasion."

Hundreds of commercial fishermen are gathering at the annual Maine Fishermen’s Forum this weekend in Rockport.

PORTLAND, Maine — A panel of the Maine Legislature has signed off on a series of changes to the way the state hands out valuable lobster fishing licenses.

The bill would raise the age for young lobstermen to automatically get a license when they finish an apprenticeship. It would also change the way old licenses are retired.

The Joint Standing Committee on Marine Resources unanimously approved the changes on Wednesday. The proposal will likely go before the full Legislature next month.

AUGUSTA, Maine — A Maine Legislative panel could vote on a host of proposed changes to the state’s lobster fishing license program that are polarizing lobstermen.

The Joint Standing Committee on Marine Resources is scheduled to consider the changes on Wednesday. The changes are designed to speed up the process of getting new lobstermen off the license waiting list, which is nearly 300 names long.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine lobstermen packed a hearing in Augusta today for testimony on proposed changes to the state's lobster licensing laws.  The changes are aimed at shortening waiting lists for license applicants.

During the public hearing before the Legislature's Marine Resources Committee, lawmakers heard the pros and cons of a bill designed to streamline the process of obtaining a license, which often takes years.

Patrice McCarron, executive director of the Maine Lobsterman's Association, said her organization felt it had to oppose the bill.

AUGUSTA, Maine — A Maine legislative committee is getting ready to host a potentially contentious public hearing about changes to the state’s lobster licensing laws.

Rep. Walter Kumiega, a Deer Isle Democrat, has proposed several changes to the licensing system. Proposed changes include the creation of a new class of license that would be limited to 300 traps instead of the usual 800. The proposal will go before the Legislature’s marine resources committee on Wednesday for a hearing.

Interstate fishing regulators have decided to hold off on starting the process of crafting a plan to try to preserve the dwindling southern New England lobster stock.

A board of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission voted Tuesday to postpone authorizing a new management plan for the fishery. A plan could address issues such as trap reductions and closed seasons for lobster fishermen.

PORTLAND, Maine — Interstate fishing regulators are considering what to do about southern New England's collapsed lobster population, and fishermen fear it could land on them.

The lobster population has sunk to the lowest levels on record in southern New England, affecting once-productive fishing grounds off of Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts.

A committee of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is working on a report about the population crash. The commission's lobster board could decide what to do early next year.