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Maine's Department of Marine Resources (DMR) is giving an initial thumbs up to a controversial oyster farm proposed for Brunswick's Maquoit Bay.

Holly Ramer / AP Photo

Controversy over aquaculture’s expanding footprint in Maine continues to flare around the state, often putting long-time friends, neighbors and fishermen at odds with each other. The latest flashpoint is in Brunswick, where well more than one hundred residents turned out for a hearing Thursday night on a proposed 40-acre oyster farm in Maquoit Bay, which would be one of the largest in the state.

Bivalves in Maine

Feb 9, 2018

Of the iconic shellfish harvested in Maine, lobsters get the most attention, but bivalves--mussels, clams and oysters--also play a significant role in our state's economy. From climate change to pollutants, what are the primary challenges that affect these industries? What new approaches are bringing opportunities for healthy bivalve harvests?

Guests:   Kohl Kanwit, Public Health Bureau director, shellfish sanitation and management, with the Maine Department of Marine Resources

Bridie McGreavy, Assistant Professor, Communication & Journalism at the University of Maine; Faculty Fellow, Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions