Read ME

Read ME: Statewide Reading Program

Aug 22, 2018

This show will be broadcast live from the Maine State Library in Augusta.

Maine Calling is taking part in a statewide summer reading program with a Maine twist. Read ME is a partnership between the Maine Humanities Council and the Maine State Library. Its goal is to get Mainers reading the same books — books by Maine authors and recommended by a Maine author.

This year author Paul Doiron (Knife Creek, Poacher’s Son, Trespasser) selected River Talk  by CB Anderson and Settled in the Wild: Notes from the Edge of Town by Susan Hand Shetterly, as the two books Mainers should read.

Read ME

Aug 24, 2017

Maine Calling airs live from the Portland Public Library

Sixty Maine libraries have signed up to participate in a new program called "ReadME" that highlights Maine authors. Best-selling author Monica Wood selected Unknown Caller by Debra Spark, and The Moth: 50 True Stories, as this year’s two ReadME books. Maine Calling will host a conversation from the Portland Public Library with Monica Wood and Debra Spark about the program and the books.