Independent Candidate For Gov. Launches TV Campaign

Jun 14, 2018

It is only a few days past the June primary, but one independent candidate for the office of governor has already launched a 10-day TV ad campaign.

Alan Caron told reporters at the State House that with all the focus on party candidates in recent months, he wants to remind voters that there are other choices for governor.

“The independents in this race have largely been in the shadows as a result of the structure we have in place that devotes all of these resources and energy to the primaries for the two parties,” said Caron.

He says his campaign is spending $250,000 over the course of 10 days for television ads that will run statewide.

“It’s not as easy to catch up in the summer,” said Caron. “I don’t know about you, but most people, in the summer, in Maine - we are gone. We have checked out. So, this is the only window that I have.”

Voters will have four choices in the governor’s race this fall: Caron, fellow independent Terry Hayes, Republican Shawn Moody, and the Democratic nominee who will be determined by ranked-choice voting over the next week.