Maine's Top Election Official: Primary Turnout Mixed, Driven By Local Issues

Jun 12, 2018

Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap says turnout was mixed for Tuesday's June primary.  Dunlap, who toured the state today, says some towns had local issues on the ballot that drove increased turnout, while others reported light activity.

In 2010, about 250,000 Mainers voted in the two primary elections for governor, and Dunlap said that could be matched this time.

“Some of the turnout, like in Lewiston we were there, early in the morning it had been fairly heavy turnout then it dropped off. We went to Livermore and we actually had a hard time finding a place to park."

Dunlap said there have been some complaints about people collecting $5 Clean Election contributions at the polls, but those complaints have been coming from other candidates and not the general public.