Colby College Museum of Art

Colby College Museum of Art

A significant painting by the renowned 20th Century painter Jackson Pollock now hangs in the Colby College Museum of Art.

Director Sharon Corwin says the painting, “Composition with Masked Forms,” was purchased last month for an undisclosed sum and hung this morning. Some art historians say the painting highlights a master artist working to develop his own style.

Corwin says she hopes the acquisition inspires curiosity in Mainers and tourists alike.

Colby Mariam / Wikimedia Commons

The Colby College Museum of Art in Waterville is getting a very big gift — a donation from Peter and Paula Lunder worth more than $100 million.

WATERVILLE, Maine - The Colby College Museum of Art is acquiring a deluxe set of Pablo Picasso's Vollard Suite from 1939, a series of 100 etchings considered the artist's most significant cycle of prints.
The acquisition was a gift from Peter and Paula Lunder, philanthropists and longtime Colby College benefactors.
Exploring themes of mythology, identity, creativity and sexuality, the Vollard Suite is etched in a neoclassical style that Picasso adapted from his studies of classical sculpture.