Willis Ryder Arnold

Willis Ryder Arnold / Maine Public

Following the announcement that no police officers would be charged in the killing of Breonna Taylor, protesters in Portland took to the streets Wednesday night.

Willis Ryder Arnold / Maine Public

Black Lives Matter protesters in Maine's largest city are calling for greater police accountability following the announcement that no police officers would be indicted in the shooting of Breonna Taylor in Kentucky.

Versant Power is warning customers about a spike in scam calls in which the caller threatens to disconnect a person's power unless the company receives money immediately.

Maine Equal Justice Partners

The state’s Permanent Commission on the Status of Racial, Indigenous and Maine Tribal Populations is urging the passage of 26 bills as a way to ease racial disparities in the state.

Matthew McFarland / Unified Fire Authority/ via AP

Mainers might notice some haziness in the skies these days. Hunter Tubbs, of the National Weather Service in Gray, says that's due to the wildfires raging in the western U.S.

"People may notice a slight haze, or a murkiness to the sky during the daytime," Tubbs says. "And this is actually due to some of the smoke from the fires out West being brought into the Northeast and New England as a result of strong upper level winds through the Jet Stream."

Tubbs says the particles that are causing the haze aren't likely to have much of an effect on Maine's weather.

Rebecca Conley / Maine Public

Like many Maine parents, Amanda Hutter was left without a safety net when schools closed and switched to remote learning this spring. Her son is autistic and has behavioral challenges. Without access to special needs child care, Hutter was forced to leave her job in order to support him.

Willis Ryder Arnold / Maine Public

Throughout the summer, Mainers have struggled over the decision of whether or not to send kids back to school. As part of Maine Public’s Deep Dive: Coronavirus project, we spoke with a number of teachers, including English and design thinking teacher Kate Meyer. She works at Mount Desert High School, which will start the year remotely, as it tries to assess the potential fallout from the tourist season before transitioning to a hybrid model September 28.

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The return to the classroom this fall has been a major focus not only for parents, administrators and teachers, but also for the people who get up very early to deliver kids to and from school every day. As part of Maine Public’s Deep Dive: Coronavirus project, we spoke with one driver in the Belfast district who has spent a lot of time thinking about the challenges of keeping kids healthy, safe and in school:

Caitlin Troutman / Maine Public

Activists in Maine are welcoming the U.S. Center for Disease Control’s recent order to freeze evictions for some until the end of the year. But they say it’s not a perfect fix.

Willis Ryder Arnold / Maine Public

A number of public art works have sprung up in Portland that were created to celebrate Black life and honor those who have been killed by police officers in recent years. One of those works is Ashley Page’s “In Memory of Those Taken,” which incorporates a series of portraits. Willis Ryder Arnold spoke with Page about the role of public art in a time of cultural reckoning on the issues of race and police brutality.

Courtesy of the Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee / via AP

Eighth-generation Maine lobsterman Jason Joyce, of Swan's Island, addressed the Republican National Convention Tuesday night, saying he would support Donald Trump, after not supporting him in the 2016 election.

Willis Ryder Arnold / Maine Public

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is extending the deadline for Maine lobstermen to replace boat engines so they emit less pollution.

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Maine delegates at the Democratic National Convention last night cast their ballots for the party's presidential nominee, and, as expected, most - but not all - of them were for Joe Biden. "Maine casts nine votes for Bernie Sanders and 22 votes for our next president, Joe Biden," announced Democratic state Rep. Craig Hickman.

Rebecca Blackwell / Associated Press

Many Mainers are waiting two weeks for COVID-19 test results. The delays are caused in part by the surge in cases in South and Southwestern states overwhelming national labs, according to the Press Herald.

Starting this week, people receiving unemployment benefits may get more money as the state adjusts payments to reflect previous incomes.