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A Swing And A... Maine-Made Home Run! 2-Time MLB Home Run Derby Winner Uses Bats Crafted In Maine

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Brian Bechard
Maine Public
Dove Tail Bats burst on the scene in 2015 when a few Kansas City Royals hitters used the finely lathed, Maine lumber en route to winning the World Series. Ever since, this small Shirley Mills company has been churning out bats for baseball teams the world over.

Major League Baseball star Pete Alonso won his second straight Home Run Derby Monday night - swinging with a Maine-made bat.

Dove Tail Bats owner Paul Lancisi says Alonso started using Dovetail Bats, made in Shirley, in the Arizona fall league about five years ago.

owner of dovetail bats.JPG
Brian Bechard
Dove Tail Bats owner Paul Lancisi.

"In one of his batting practices he hit about 23 home runs, he called me and just said 'this is definitely the real deal, we're going to switch," said Lancisi about Alonso. “And he's been with us ever since."

Lansici says he usually gets a message from Alonso after a win - thanking him for providing a great product that contributes to great opportunities for the player. Lansici says it’s great to see the loyalty from such a great hitter.

“To have him stick with the product and represent us the way he has, he's a great ambassador,” Lancisi says.

He says Maine's yellow birch trees provide a hard but flexible wood that is greatly appreciated by players. Lansici says MLB down to minor league players like the bats because they don’t have to swing as hard as with alternatives.