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Maine House Endorses Bill to Require that a 'Pint' is Really a Pint

AUGUSTA, Maine - The Maine House has voted 83 to 62 to give initial approval to legislation requiring that anyone selling a pint of beer to consumers ensure that it really is a pint.

Rep. Louis Luchini, a Democrat from Ellsworth, says it's a consumer protection bill.  "It simply states that if a bar, restaurant, advertises they are going to sell a pint of beer, that they have to serve that beer in a glass that can hold at least 16 fluid ounces," Luchini told colleagues.

Opponents argued that the legislation in unnecessary and that existing truth in advertising laws already address the problem, if one even exists. They argue it will add to the excessive regulatory burden already imposed on small businesses.

"Where do we stop the regulations?" asked Republican House leader Ken Fredette. "Do we stop, do we pass a bill next to say a 6-ounce steak - we're going to start measuring and legislating whether, in fact, a 6-ounce steak is, in fact, a 6-ounce steak."