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'Pledge To Rewild' Campaign Encourages Mainers To Restore Native Plants In Their Landscapes

Rendering by Julia Frederick, Landscape Architect
A bank's empty lawn could instead bustle with life if filled with native grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and trees.

A Portland-based organization is calling on Mainers to “rewild” their properties.

“The pledge to rewild is really about restoring native plants in order to support healthy populations of butterflies, and bees, and birds and all forms of life that are vital to a functioning ecosystem,” says Anna Fialkoff, program manager with the Wild Seed Project.

Fialkoff says the organization is launching its “Pledge To Rewild” campaign in an effort to emphasize the importance of replacing intensively managed, non-native landscapes in urban, suburban and rural areas with native plants that provide food and habitat for native species.

In a press release, the organization says more than 550 people from Lubec to York have already taken the pledge. Businesses and institutions are also being encouraged to rewild their outdoor spaces.