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Portland partners with EVGo to build out electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Gina McCarthy, Cathy Zoi
Susan Walsh
White House climate adviser Gina McCarthy, left, talks with EVgo Chief Executive Officer Cathy Zoi, before the start of an event near an EVgo electric car charging station at Union Station in Washington, Thursday, April 22, 2021.

The city of Portland is partnering with EVGo to install 48 electric vehicle chargers. That's in addition to the roughly 20 chargers that the city currently has.

Portland's sustainability director Troy Moon says the vast majority will be Level 2 chargers that are spread around neighborhoods to serve people who live in apartments and condos.

"We want to create neighborhood charging hubs where people can, ya know, park nearby their homes, plug in, walk home while the car charges and come back and get it later," says Moon.

In busier parts of Portland, EVGo will install four DC fast chargers, which can charge batteries about 80 percent in 30 minutes. Moon says the expansion will occur over the next year and half at no cost to the city.