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Kim Gordon, Portland

I came to Maine as a back-to-the -lander in the early 70s. The shabby house we reclaimed had no phone, electricity or running water and was at the end of a long dirt road. It sat on a small mountain and our land backed into a game preserve. My link to the outside world was my battery-operated radio. Every weekday morning the day started with Robert J Lurtzema and Morning Pro Music. First came the birdsong, followed by a fragment of music for each day of the week. When the days were warm enough for the big kitchen windows to be open, the cow would make a point of grazing right outside for the first hour or two. Robert J programmed his music chronologically, however, and the more modern the music got, the further she drifted down the pasture. By eleven she was out of sight.

I'm a city-dweller now and I suppose I must have been listening to classical music on MPBN for over 40 years.  I've been proud to be a member nearly that long. When I heard the station was spinning off the classical music to HD channels and airing more news and "talk radio" (ugh) I was very sad. I figured I'd never get the new equipment or stream music from my computer. But someone at the station actually helped me find the right kind of radio and now I DO shift back and forth. All Things Considered is still a main-stay to me, but I love the wider range of classical programing that's now available - and it's there for more of the times I can actually listen.

I do have problems getting the classical HD stations in my car as I drive through the State. The coverage seems inconsistent so far. But when I hear the growing (almost ridiculously long!) list of HD stations, I know that soon that problem will be solved too.

So yes: I love Maine Public Radio. In this time of lies, half-truths and buried facts I know I can trust the news coverage. And during the term of a president (lower case intentional) who has no respect for any of the arts, Maine Public Classical is a more important anchor than ever.