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Welcome to the In Tune Pick of the Week.Each week Sara highlights a band, a song, or an artist that she has recently discovered and adores or an older piece of music that she has fallen in love with all over again. Peruse her Picks of the Week below, give them a listen, and share them with your own group of friends. Enjoy!Return to the In Tune homepage

The Rails - "Cancel The Sun"

Cancel the sun artwork

Sara's In Tune Pick of the Week

Week of 8.16.19
Cancel The Sun

"The Rails are James Walbourne and Kami Thompson. They both have credentials; she is the daughter of Linda and Richard Thompson and he has played guitar for Son Volt, The Pogues and the Pretenders. Ok! Their record is called Cancel The Sun and it's a pure version of themselves. There is a wonderful variety of material held together with gorgeous harmonies, great playing and arrangements. Some songs sound centuries old, others real rockers. Not a boring note on it. And they wrote all the songs. Kami inherited a pure, beautiful voice from her mom and that edgy sense of humor from both her parents. Heavy rotation for this fine record." — Sara

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