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Mitchell: U.S. Should Work With Allies to Defeat ISIS

Irwin Gratz
Former Maine U.S. Sen. George Mitchell speaks in Falmouth Tuesday.

FALMOUTH, Maine - Former U.S. Senator and Middle East diplomat George Mitchell says the U.S. should try to get other nations involved in the military effort to defeat ISIS and resolve the Syrian Civil War.  

But Mitchell, speaking with reporters today, said regional complexities make it hard for the U.S. to tap regional allies, such as Turkey.

"Turkey's domestic concerns involve the Kurds, who are fighting against ISIS.  And, both of them are fighting against the Assad regime," Mitchell said. "So, it's extremely complex and difficult, and requires, I think, not just a military effort but a much greater diplomatic effort to try and organize assistance from our friends."

Mitchell says the 50 U.S. troops recently sent into Syria don't represent a major change in the U.S. effort there, since U.S. Special Forces have been conducting covert operations in Syria for some time.