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Pingree Hopes Ryan Will Keep Budegting Process Promise

WASHINGTON, D.C._ Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan says he wants the U.S. Congress to use the regular appropriations process this year in crafting the next federal budget rather than continuing resolutions and omnibus spending bills.

"It would be nice to see Congress functioning again and not just putting forth issues you know that don't go anywhere beyond the House of Representatives  because they never get taken up in the Senate or they get vetoed on the President's desk." says Maine's first district Congresswoman ChelliePingree, a Democrat.

Pingree says for the last few years, Congress has ignored what is called regular order where separate budget bills are considered for the various areas of spending instead of all money bills rolled into one.  She says using the regular appropriations process could lead to compromises needed to move forward a lot of important issues. "We'll have the opportunity to both bring about some compromise with them as we did on the most recent funding bill and the tax extenders bill and look for some middle ground where we can move forward on a lot of issues  that are critical to the American people."