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Video: JMG Gives Students an Edge for Life After High School


If there's one thing that most seniors in high school aren’t ready for, it’s life after high school. 

Growing up is tough, but no matter what, it’s going to happen. One thing that most schools have is the challenge of helping students prepare for their future, but many are working to help students prepare ahead for their adult life by offering a program to get them started. 

At Waterville Senior High School, just like other schools around Maine, students are offered a program called JMG, otherwise known as Jobs For Maine Graduates. By getting involved with JMG, students are able to have a little bit more of an extra mentorship to get through high school and look ahead at what is going to happen in their lives after they graduate. 

In the modern day world, most young people under the age of 18 don’t know the skills that they’ll need for life after high school, and mostly they didn't have the opportunity to learn them. But not in this program. A JMG specialist helps students learn everything they’re going to need to know, meaning how to write a check, have a bank account, manage money, create a resume and interview for a job or college. 

These are things that most kids that graduate high school don’t know how to do and have to struggle on their own to learn them. 

Sabrina Hinckledire is a student at Waterville Senior High School. This video was produced as part of the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab of Mid-Maine Technical Center in Waterville.