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More Women Come Forward Following January Report On Mishandling Of Sexual Assault Cases At UMF

Five women say that a male student who has been cleared by the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) of rape allegations also assaulted or harassed them.

In January the Bangor Daily News published a story describing UMF's handling of two female students' claims of sexual assault in separate incidents by two male students.

In both cases, the assaults were dealt with under the school's Title IX process. The paper reports that both cases were seriously mishandled.

Following publication of that story, the Bangor Daily News now reports four women, who are former UMF students, allege that one of those men physically took advantage of them. A fifth women says the man continued to ask her for sex after she said no.

The publication is also reporting that, on Friday, the school suspended the man on an interim basis while it conducts an investigation.

While not confirming the suspension, Interim UMF President Eric Brown released a statement saying that the university is acting immediately and with all appropriate resources to support the students who have come forward and to protect the community.