Sara Willis

Host, In Tune Radio Programs & the In Tune with Sara Willis Audio Stream

Sara is the long-time host and producer of In Tune, Maine Public Radio's music program featuring contemporary singer-songwriters, folk, blues, acoustic rock, jazz, alt country, and world music. In 2018, Maine Public launched the In Tune with Sara Willis audio stream allowing fans of the show 24/7 access to music curated by Sara.

Working from her studio in Blue Hill, Sara's love of the music she plays comes across to her listeners loud and clear. To quote DownEast Magazine, “In Tune… probably should have been rendered obsolete by Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes playlists. However, host Sara Willis outperforms any Pandora algorithm in the art of creating the perfect playlist. While online stations offer predictable suggestions, like R.E.M based on your interest in U2, Willis will teach you that, actually, Tom Jones and Vampire Weekend are a match made in heaven.”

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Week of 5.13.19
Vampire Weekend — Father of the Bride

"OK, it’s been a tough spring. Cold, rainy, and slow. So that’s exactly why I intend on playing lots of music from the new album by Vampire Weekend, Father of the Bride. It’s full of great melodies, and as you would expect from Vampire Weekend, interesting rhythms and instrumentation. Not to mention some lovely duets with Danielle Haim. There’s not a bad song on it and no surprise that it’s currently at number one on the Billboard charts. Take a drive with Vampire Weekend, even if it’s rainy and cold, you’ll feel warm." — Sara