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Maine Cheese: Creameries All Over the State Produce a Variety of Cheeses and Are Featured At Maine Cheese Festival


Maine is known for both farms and good food, so it's only natural that there is growing interest in Maine cheeses. Maine creameries have garnered attention for the wide variety of quality cheese being made all across the state. We'll talk to cheesemakers about the products they make from cow, sheep and goat's milk, and we'll get a preview of the upcoming 2021 Maine Cheese Festival.

Heather Donahue, secretary, Maine Cheese Guild; Balfour Farm, Pittsfield
Holly Aker, president, Maine Cheese Guild; Local Goods Gathered & Broken Arrow, Portland
Jean Koons, founding member, Maine Cheese Guild; head cheesemaker, Kennebec Cheesery at Koons Farm in Sidney

VIP Callers:
Alexis Godin, co-owner, Alice & Lulu's restaurant, Portland
Mark Whitney, president and resident cheese specialist, Pineland Farms

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