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Maine Governor Draws Line in Sand During Budget Deadlock

AUGUSTA, Maine - Republican Gov. Paul LePage says he'll veto any budget over $7 billion as lawmakers remain at odds over spending.  
LePage said on a radio show on Tuesday that he's "ashamed'' to be part of Maine government because of lawmakers' laziness.
Legislative leaders, meanwhile, are considering employing a rarely used tactic of appointing a small group of lawmakers to meet in public and send LePage a budget by Saturday. The House on Monday took the first step to start that process, which would require Senate action.
A two-year budget must be in place by July 1 to avoid government shutdown.
Republicans are demanding a repeal of the voter-approved, 3-percent surtax on high earners.
Democrats say they won't support any budget that doesn't replace the increased education funding expected from the surtax.