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Several Maine 'People's Veto' Campaigns Fail To Gather Enough Signatures

A number of People's Veto efforts did not meet Wednesday's deadline to submit signatures to state elections officials. Among them was an attempt to block a new law that requires state-funded and private insurance to cover legal abortion services.

Also missing the signature deadline were opponents of a new law that allows state-licensed physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses to provide abortion services.

In a statement noting Wednesday's missed deadline, ACLU of Maine Executive Director Allison Beyea says "these new laws affirm that abortion is health care and that everyone should have access to the health care they need."

Among other People's Veto efforts that fell short: one that would have overturned a new law that allows terminally ill adults in Maine to end their own lives, one that would undo a prohibition on the use of conversion therapy on minors, and another measure that would have blocked Maine's new presidential primaries.