Bringing Young People to Maine: Attracting and Retaining Younger People to Live and Work Here

Nov 19, 2018


Attracting more young people to Maine is viewed as a critical key to our state’s economic health and future vitality.

We’ll learn about efforts to bring young Mainers back to Maine, or to attract and retain new young people to move here. This week, the group Live + Work in Maine is introducing its inaugural Boomerang Weekend initiative, a series of events targeting young adults who grew up in Maine, moved away, and are back home for Thanksgiving.


Nate Wildes, engagement director, Live + Work in Maine

Catharine MacLaren, Ph.D., LCSW, CEAP, vice president, talent & diversity, Northern Light Health

Bruce Wagner, CEO, Finance Authority of Maine

Robbie Feinberg, Maine Public education reporter

Eric Smith (by phone), software engineer