Classical Music Today

Feb 2, 2018


How does classical music stay relevant in today's world? And will it continue to find new audiences, especially for contemporary compositions? We'll hear from a current American composer, a singer and a music educator about the resonance of classical music today. Maine Public's own Robin Rilette will also add her perspective to the conversation.

Guests: Robert Kyr, composer, whose work "The Cloud of Unknowing" will be performed by the Oratorio Chorale in Maine this weekend

Estelí Gomez, Grammy-winning soprano will be featured in the performance; she tours with the contemporary octet Roomful of Teeth.

Emily Isaacson, artistic director, Oratorio Chorale; she’s a conductor, singer and music educator

Click HERE for information about the performances in Portland and Brunswick.

Composer Robert Kyr discusses his cantata The Cloud of Unknowing at an Oratorio Chorale rehearsal Jan. 28. Artistic Director Emily Isaacson at the podium, with vocal coach Mary Sullivan and accompanist Scott Wheatley in the background. The Chorale will perform the work this weekend in Portland and Brunswick.
Credit James Marshall