Colby Ramps up Efforts to Track Student Concussions in Maine

May 13, 2015

PORTLAND, Maine - Health practitioners, athletic trainers and others involved with sports are learning more and more about concussions. Symptoms that would have been ignored not that long ago could now lead to an athlete being removed from a game or practice and monitored for days or weeks.   

Despite that, experts say there's little data about student concussions in Maine.  The six-year-old Maine Concussion Management Initiative based at Colby College is trying to change that with an outreach effort called the "Hit Program."   

MCMI's Hannah Willihan plans to travel to every high school in Maine this year to meet with athletic staffs and school nurses. She says part of the challenge is that knowledge about concussions is continually changing.  

"I'll have people tell me what I told you 15 minutes ago is already not true about concussions," Willihan says. "There's more information about it every day.  There's more research being done."

Not only is the "Hit Program" tracking sports injuries, but also those in which students might have been injured in other ways, such as falling off a ladder or being in a car accident.   

Maine Calling host Jennifer Rooks takes a closer look at the issue in this video piece, shot by MPBN videographer Brian Bechard.