COVID-19 Impacts: Remote Work

Mar 23, 2020

Credit Erik De Leon / Flickr/Creative Commons

This is a special two-hour Maine Calling program in response to the pressing issues facing Maine during the coronavirus crisis. For the first hour, click here.

As Maine feels the life-altering effects of the coronavirus crisis, most workplaces, businesses and schools are shutting down. But this raises a new set of challenges.

In the second hour of the show, we learn about the shift to working at home. How is it affecting Maine’s workforce? What are the pros and cons of this societal sea change? We will get advice on how to make the most of a new way of working, as well as learn what technological advances can help, and how to set up an optimal working environment.


Jarrod Maxfield, founder, Necessary Technology

Arthur Fink, consultant, coach, focused on helping people and organizations find insight and clarity

Allan Brown, director of ergonomics, MEMIC, a worker compensation company