Dec. 13: How Will Impeachment Affect The 2020 Election?

Dec 13, 2019

This week on Maine's Political Pulse, Irwin Gratz spoke with Mal Leary and Steve Mistler about, you guessed it, impeachment developments.

Credit Rebecca Conley / Maine Public

The House Judiciary Committee has sent two articles of impeachment to the full-House for a vote. For two particular Mainers, the vote, and what's likely to follow, will be fraught with significance: Democrat 2nd District Rep. Jared Golden and Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins. Both are likely to face tight races for re-election next year.

Another major item for Mainers to vote on next year is likely to be the big power-line project Central Maine Power wants to build in the western woods. Currently there is no referendum planned, but opponents are gathering signatures for one. The team will discuss the chances that they'll succeed.

Next year will also be a legislative election year. They’ll talk about what's developing on that front and what are the stakes for Governor Mills.

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