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It's Friday and time again for Maine’s Political Pulse with Mal Leary, Steve Mistler and Irwin Gratz.

A standoff outside a Lewiston apartment building has reportedly been resolved, though police remain on the scene, according to the Lewiston Sun Journal.

In a statement, Lewiston police said, "Several calls reporting gun shots and fighting were received beginning just minutes before 3:00 am this (Saturday) morning. Officers immediately responded to learn some of those involved had fled into an apartment building at 21 Walnut St. and surrounded the building."

Rebecca Conley / Maine Public

Rebecca Conley / Maine Public

This week, on Maine’s Political Pulse, the politics team looks at what's on the table during the next Legislative Session and the most recent news surrounding Sen. Collins and the upcoming impeachment trial of President Trump. Jennifer Mitchell is in hosting this week for Irwin Gratz. She spoke with Maine Public’s Mal Leary and Steve Mistler.