Democrats in Maine House Nominate Leaders for the Session

Nov 18, 2016

AUGUSTA, Maine - Democrats in the Maine House of Representatives have nominated their leaders for the upcoming session.

They chose Rep. Sara Gideon, of Freeport, as speaker of the house, Erin Herbig, of Belfast, as majority leader, and Lewiston Rep. Jared Golden as assistant majority leader.

Gideon says it will be a difficult session. “It is always a difficult thing to keep 77 people moving in the same direction. It takes conversations, it takes an understanding of all the ramifications of things.”

Democrats hold a slight margin in the House and Republicans a one vote margin in the Senate. Gideon says she has already had discussions with Republican leaders about the host of tough issues facing the Legislature.

Gideon says both parties will have to work together to pass a budget and resolve other issues, including implementing the referendum measures that voters endorsed on Election Day.