DEP Takes Steps to More Tightly Regulate Certain Household Chemicals

Jun 11, 2015

AUGUSTA, Maine - The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has issued a rule that would elevate certain kinds of household chemicals to priority status.

The rule elevates four phthalates  from "high concern'' to "priority chemical'' status in Maine, says George McDonald, Director of the Office of Sustainability at DEP.

"And adding these four phthalates provides a safer environment and safer products for children under the age of 12 to safely utilize," McDonald say.

McDonald says that under the proposal, manufacturers will need to report the use of the chemicals in products sold in Maine.

But opponents say the state's proposal still leaves pregnant women under-informed about which products contain phthalates.

The Maine Attorney General now has 30 days to review the ruling, after which it will go to Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap.