Geopolitics of the Arctic: The Camden Conference Discusses the Arctic—A Region in Peril

Feb 16, 2021


The 2021 Camden Conference explores the Arctic, one of the world’s least-known regions. The Arctic is also undergoing dramatic, irreversible changes traceable to global warming. As these changes alter the pace of climate change, they forewarn of the challenges ahead for human, animal and plant habitat—in Maine and elsewhere.  We’ll discuss how this transformation is creating a new arena for global power and competition.


Frances Ulmer, former chair, U.S. Arctic Research Commission; senior fellow, Harvard University Kennedy School

Paul A. Mayewski, professor, director, Climate Change Institute, University of Maine; has led more than 55 research missions to the Arctic and other extreme climate locations

Charles H. Norchi, professor, Maine School of Law; director, Center for Oceans and Coastal Law 

Holly Parker, director, UNE NORTH: The Institute for North Atlantic Studies