The Government Shutdown Is Keeping Maine Brewers From Releasing New Beers Out Of State

Jan 11, 2019

Maine’s craft brew industry is among those affected by the partial federal government shutdown. That’s because the federal agency that approves new beer labels is not accepting applications.

Maine Brewers Guild Executive Director Sean Sullivan estimates this problem currently affects about one-third of the craft breweries in Maine.

Kai Adams of Sebago Brewing says right now, many breweries are developing their seasonal summer releases and, without a label, won’t be able to sell those beers out of state. In-state sales should not be affected, however.

“If it’s a beer sold in Maine, BABLO, our state governance bureau, has said that they would allow labels to be approved through the state and you can sell that beer in Maine,” Adams said on Maine Calling on Friday.

The government shutdown also affects new breweries, which are not able to get federal licenses to open. That affects SoMe Brewery in York, which was planning to open a new location this month.