Heat Wave To Roast Southern Maine Over The Weekend

Jul 20, 2019

Mainers will experience some exceptionally hot and uncomfortable weather this weekend, especially in the south and southwestern parts of the state.

Jason Michaud stays hydrated while sunning himself in Portland's Monument Square during a heat wave in July 2018.
Credit Troy R. Bennett / BDN

“The worst of the heat will be across southern Maine, south of the mountains where we expect Heat index values to be 95 to 100 degrees,” says Chris Kimball, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Gray. “Portland, we're expecting heat index value on Saturday to approach 100 degrees. Fryeburg a little bit higher than that. And Sanford, 105 is within range.”

Kimball says that heat index value will come from temperatures in the 90s along with a high "dew point," which makes it difficult to cool off.

Cooling centers will be open throughout the state - including at libraries, fire stations and community centers in Cumberland and Sagadahoc Counties. A list of centers from the Maine Emergency Management Agency will be updated as the day goes on. 

The heat and humidity won't stay around long, though.

Kimball says a cold front will begin moving on Sunday, and although it will still be hot that day, it is expected to be cooler and drier next week.

“On Sunday, we get a cold front that moves through and it'll begin to bring some cooler and drier air into the area...we're expecting cooler and drier conditions next week.”

Originally published 1:05 p.m. July 18, 2019