Jay Pulp And Paper Mill Lays Off Almost 60 Workers, More Layoffs Expected

Jul 9, 2020

A Jay pulp and paper mill that was rocked by an explosion in April is laying off almost 60 workers, with more layoffs on the way.

Last April, an explosion started in a digester tank at the mill in Jay.
Credit Rebecca Conley / Maine Public File

In a statement, mill owner Pixelle Specialty Solutions says the company has been out of the pulp-making business since the explosion and is realigning staffing to focus on paper making.

Jay Select Board member Judy Diaz says the mill has done a good job trying to recover since the explosion and through the pandemic.

"Just trying to work outside of the box, to make sure the company remains strong,” Diaz says. “We're saddened about the layoffs. I think it’s probably a mix of the market situation that we're in right now, plus the additional expense they have right now of bringing in pulp. But we're very optimistic. This area is very resilient."

In their statement, company officials noted that reduced pulp-making hurts the area's loggers and truckers. But they say it will be at least October before the company makes decisions about any future wood-buying plans.