Joe Baldacci Drops Out of Congressional Race

Feb 5, 2016

Democrat Joe Baldacci has ended his campaign for Maine’s 2nd Congressional district.

Saying he’s been honored to run, Baldacci first announced his decision on his Facebook page. He said he’s built friendships and relationships all across the district and hopes to work on future political endeavors, but the attorney and Bangor city councilor said his decision boiled down to one thing: money.

“And while I can raise money in Maine — 95 percent of our money came from Maine - I don’t have the resources to, as other candidates do, to unlimited out-of-state cash,” he says. “It was not feasible for me to try to compete with people who have access to unlimited out-of-state money.”

Baldacci had raised a little less than $200,000 in his seven-month campaign compared with his Democratic opponent Emily Cain’s nearly $800,000 and Republican 2nd District U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s $1.8 million.

In recent months Cain, who lost to Poliquin in 2014, has also picked up a long list of endorsements. Baldacci is now pledging his full support to Cain.

“Yes, I’ve already talked to Emily today,” he says. “My statement indicates I pledge my support to Emily and I think it’s important that we act as a united Democratic Party, that we have a progressive representative and take this seat back for the good of the state.”

Baldacci says he’s proud of his message that Democrats stand up for seniors, veterans and kids and proud of winning a yearlong effort to pass a minimum wage in Bangor.

“Joe Baldacci is a true statesmen who understands that the biggest barrier to prosperity for working families in Maine’s 2nd District is Bruce Poliquin,” Cain says in a written response. “What he did today was selfless and brave, and in the best interest of the people of Maine. I am excited and ready to work with Joe to take back this seat. I want to thank Joe for his support and for his strong leadership for Democrats and for all of Maine, not only in this campaign, but in his tireless service to the City of Bangor.”