Maine Council of Churches Opposes Kavanaugh Appointment

Oct 4, 2018

The Maine Council of Churches has come out against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to U.S. Supreme Court.

Credit AP Photo

“To begin with, we felt that the temperament and incivility that Judge Kavanaugh displayed makes him unqualified to sit on the highest court in our land,” says Maine Council of Churches Executive Director, Reverend Jane Field.

Field says what seemed to be a lack of respect on the part of Kavanaugh toward members of the Judiciary Committee, coupled with evasive and combative responses, convinced the group that Kavanaugh's appointment would be bad for a country that's already showing deep division.

"This nomination has brought out the worst in us, not the best,” Field says. “So people of faith do have a dog in this fight so to speak, to call our community to our better angels, our higher angels."

Field also says her group has taken what it describes as the "unusual step" of weighing in on a political nomination, in part because the proceedings have reopened wounds for survivors of sexual abuse, an issue she says the faith community has become acutely and "painfully" aware of.

The Maine Council of Churches represents 434 congregations and 55,000 members in Maine.