Maine Senate Narrowly Rejects Abortion Consent Bill

Jun 17, 2015

AUGUSTA, Maine - By a single vote, the Maine Senate rejected a bill Wednesday that would have required a specified adult to give consent before a minor can obtain an abortion.

Sen. Paul Davis, a Sangerville Republican, said the amended version of LD 83 requires at least one of the minor's parents or guardian or adult family member to give their consent for an abortion to be performed.

"Under current law, my granddaughters cannot get an aspirin without their parents' consent at school, but they could have a major medical procedure, such as an abortion performed on her, without her parents having any idea that it's happening," Davis said.

Opponents prevailed in an 18-17 "ought-not-to-pass" vote, arguing that it is not always easy for a minor to approach an adult to obtain their consent, adding that, in some cases, it's actually an adult family member who is involved in the sexual abuse of a minor.