Maine's Beer Industry: How Making Beer Intertwines with Other Industries and Boosts Our Economy

Jan 11, 2019


The Maine Brewers Guild counts more than 120 craft brewers in Maine … up more than 30 percent in one year. It’s one of the fastest-growing sectors of Maine's economy. You can even now buy Maine beers sourced with all Maine-made ingredients, as Aroostook County farms are growing hops and barley. We’ll learn more about Maine's growing beer business and how it is intertwined with other local industries.


Pam James-Powers, co-founder, Bigelow Brewing Co.; member, Maine Brewer's Guild

Kai Adams, co-founder and vice president, Sebago Brewing Co.; president, Maine Brewer's Guild

Abe Furth, co-founder, Orono Brewing Co.; vice president, Maine Brewer's Guild