Mills Says State Needs A Far-Reaching Economic Development Plan

May 21, 2019

Maine Gov. Janet Mills' administration is embarking on an effort to develop a far-reaching, ten-year economic plan for the state.

Mills outlines economic plan on May 21, 2019
Credit Mal Leary / Maine Public

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, Mills said when she traveled around the state last year while campaigning for governor, she saw lots of innovative businesses, but that there is something holding Maine back.

“I think we just don't have the long-range vision,” Mills said.

Mills said the state needs a "multifaceted approach" to help develop that vision and to deal with the particular challenges and opportunities in the state, including its workforce.

“The number of people who seem to be available in the workplace but aren't working, what kind of training do they need? What kind of skills do they need to get to be available to those businesses that want to come here? We're not going to attract the next Amazon campus but we can do better,” she said.

Mills said improved broadband is an essential part of the plan, and that the group will look at innovative ways to use the state's natural resources.

The Department of Economic and Community Development will lead the project in conjunction with other government agencies, business leaders and private organizations.