Space News: The Latest in Space Exploration and Maine's Role in Space Innovation

Jan 24, 2019

There are a number of new, space-focused businesses operating in Maine. We’ll learn about what makes Maine an attractive place for these types of businesses. We’ll also discuss the latest news from the world of space exploration.

blueShift Aerospace CEO Sascha Deri with a solid fuel sample.
Credit Maine Public

Sascha Deri, CEO, bluShift Aerospace

Terry Shehata, Ph.D., executive director, Maine Space Grant Consortium; senior policy associate for research and economic development, coordinator, Maine Economic Improvement Fund

Dr. Ali Abedi, University of Maine assistant vice president for research; director, Center for Undergraduate Research; professor, electrical and computer engineering

Dr. Ryan Dorland, assistant professor, physics and chemistry, Saint Joseph's College. He was recently awarded a one-year research grant for $20,000 from NASA and the Maine Space Grant Consortium to introduce satellite science and build nanosatellite prototypes in his introductory college courses.