Super Bowl Bet Pits Bangor vs. Bangor

Jan 26, 2018

The mayors of Bangor, Maine, and Bangor, Pa. have placed a wager on the upcoming Super Bowl game between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

Bangor, Maine Mayor Ben Sprague is placing a host of Maine-centric items on the line, including a box of whoopee pies, a blueberry pie and a collection of Stephen King books.

Bangor, Pa. Mayor Brooke Kerzner is wagering two slate boards for the game quoits, which is similar to horseshoes, as well as beer, chocolate and coffee.

When talking with his counterpart in Pennsylvania, Sprague says he has learned there are similarities between the two Bangors.

“We're both these old industrial areas that were formerly known for something different. Bangor, Maine was a former lumber town and Bangor, Pennsylvania seems to be a former slate town,” says Sprague.

Sprague says it's possible the two communities can learn from each other about how to deal with evolving economic times.