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"Blue Suede Shoes"

Jun 7, 2019

Alex Coppola lives and makes movies in Portland Maine.

"Shook Me All Night Long"

Jun 6, 2019

Originally from Aroostook County, Shonna Milliken Humphrey is a Hallowell-based writer whose essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Salon, and Down East magazine. Her first novel, Show Me Good Land (Down East Books) tackles the complexities of rural poverty, and her second book, Dirt Roads and Diner Pie (Central Recovery Press) chronicles a month-long road trip with her musician husband as they navigate the repercussions of institutionalized child sex abuse. She is currently writing a book about gin as part of Bloomsbury’s Object Lessons series (Publication forthcoming). Her most recent project is The Afterlife of Kenzaburo Tsuruda (She Writes Press) written by her friend Elisabeth Wilkins Lombardo and published posthumously. Shonna helped lead the effort to find this beautiful book an audience. Learn more at

Shonna (along with Beth's other 59 best friends) misses Beth very much.


Jun 5, 2019

Emily Larsen lives in Sidney and is a senior at Messalonskee High School. In the fall, she’ll begin studying government and history at American University in Washington, DC. 


Jun 4, 2019

Larry Dyhrberg taught history from 1964 through 2012, thirty three years of which were at Westbrook High School. He currently serves as un homme du foye r for his wife, two college student daughters, and Bisou le chien. Writing is a major passion. Currently, he is working on a novella tracing a boy’s coming of age in the early 1950’s and a play. 


Jun 3, 2019

Melissa lives in Topsham with her amazing husband, Steve, and her dog, Punky Littleton (Bella). She is passionate about music, art, movies, travel, Maine and great food.

"Little Children"

Jun 29, 2018

Originally from Gorham, Chris Moore is a pianist, violinist, and mandolin player. He has composed, performed, and recorded music for dance, film, television, spoken word, theater, solo performance, and visual art projects. Chris spent several years living in New York and Nashville, and he returned to Maine in 2013 to work as the Director of Music Education for 317 Main Community Music Center in Yarmouth. Chris composed the theme music to Maine Public's Poems From Here.

Musical Memory: "Little Children," a traditional Shaker community song

"Wharf Rat"

Jun 28, 2018

Brian Kevin is the managing editor of Down East magazine. He's the author of "The Footloose American: Following the Hunter S. Thompson Trail Across South America" and has written for Outside, The New York Times, Audubon, Men's Journal, Travel and Leisure, The Atlantic, and other publications. He's a Maine transplant following a childhood and adolescence in Wisconsin and adult stints in Minnesota, Montana, and Oregon. He lives in Hope with his wife and two sons.

Musical Memory: "Wharf Rat" by Grateful Dead

"Where Do the Children Play?"

Jun 27, 2018

Lisa Pohlmann is the executive director of the Natural Resources Council of Maine. She was born in Iowa and moved to Maine in 1979 – a period when a great number of young people were moving to Maine because of its natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and back-to-the-land culture. Lisa has been managing progressive nonprofit organizations for 37 years in Maine, working to stop domestic violence, promote economic and social justice, and, now, protect the environment. A resident of Jefferson, Lisa has had a lifelong love of the outdoors, and regularly kayaks, hikes, skis and camps across Maine.

Musical Memory: "Where Do the Children Play?" by Cat Stevens

Balkan Folk Songs

Jun 26, 2018

John Shepard lives in Union, Maine where he owns and operates an automotive repair shop specializing in imported cars and vintage sports cars. He has sung and toured internationally with Down East Singers, based in Rockport and directed by Anthony Antolini. John is managing his midlife crisis by having an affair with several beautiful and exotic Italian accordions. 

Musical Memory: Balkan folk songs

"Ára Bátur"

Jun 25, 2018

Kevin Oates is the founder and executive director of Maine Youth Rock Orchestra, a 501(c)(3) organization that provides music education through collaboration with national artists, creating transformational experiences for orchestral students ages 12 to 18. With a background in public school teaching as well as touring and performing with artists, Kevin is driven toward setting the new standard of application-based music education and getting every student engaged through music in and out of the classroom. He has been featured on NPR's First Watch with Bob Boilen and TEDx. He co-hosts a podcast, Bach to Bock, which opens up the world of classical music, one beer at a time. 

Musical Memory: "Ára Bátur" by Sigur Rós

"Between Two Lungs"

Jun 22, 2018
Shoshannah White/Aurora Photos

Cyndi Lou is a Portland-based tattoo artist. She currently lives with her partner, rescue pittie and two cats. She is 17 years journeying with LAM.

Musical Memory: "Between Two Lungs" by Florence and the Machine

"I've Got a Girl Named Boney Maronie"

Jun 21, 2018

Marge Irvine was born in Brooklyn, New York, and now lives in Brooklin, Maine.  Thanks to age and luck, she's managed to avoid hipsters in both of those places. Retired from full-time teaching at the University of Maine, she still teaches one class every fall and continues her work as a scholar and facilitator with the Maine Humanities Council.

Musical Memory: "I've Got a Girl Named Boney Maronie" by Larry Williams

Beethoven's Symphony No. 3

Jun 20, 2018

Now in his 38th year with Maine Public, Charles Beck serves as our vice president for content for radio and television, overseeing the programming and operations of both services. While he may be "from away," Maine has been Charles's home more than any other place.

Musical Memory: Symphony No. 3 (Eroica) by Ludwig van Beethoven

"Dies Irae"

Jun 19, 2018

Dr. Nicolás Alberto Dosman is an assistant professor of music, choral conducting and the director of choral studies at the University of Southern Maine's School of Music and the director of the Southern Maine Children's Chorus. He also serves as the artistic director of the Community Chorus at South Berwick.

Musical Memory: "Dies Irae" from Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem 

"Compared to What"

Jun 18, 2018

Todd the Rocket is a musician, DJ, and music producer living in Westbrook, Maine. He is the founder of music and media site, The Downbeat Renaissance, telling stories about the roots of music, movements, and culture.

Musical Memory: "Compared to What" by Gene McDaniels, as recorded by Roberta Flack