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Surfing: What To Know And Where To Go In Maine


Surfing in Maine? Yes, people surf in Maine. We’ll learn about the best places to surf and where to start if you’ve never paddled out to catch a ride on a big wave.

Ebb and Flow
By Owen Manahan

Mysterious and old as the Earth itself,
Vast and wide, far out of reach
Monolithic and uniform but quite unique

The sea slowly sooths waves to sleep,
From distances traversed quietly discreet
Arriving on shore only to disperse

Energy transferred organically,
The cycle churns continuously
No stopping or starting what goes on,
The process sustains long after we’re gone

Tranquil or wild, calm or not never the same each day new.

Off of land, off of feet,
Harnessing energy underneath,
Truly luck at the oceans dismiss
Out of control seemingly remiss

To be in the vast escape,
Cloaked by a fluid cape,
Instills a peaceful state

Dropping tide and setting sun,
Shifting sand where the fish do run.
Away from phones away from busy,

A natural and connecting remedy
Out at sea is where I will be


  • Vic Brazen: owner of Wheels and Waves, Maine’s oldest surf shop, for 18 years and a longtime surf, snowboard and skateboard photographer
  • Charlie Fox: owner of Maine Surfers Union, a surf shop
  • Owen Manahan: a high schooler in Kennebunk and surfer since he was ten. If there are waves, you can see him out in the water

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