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Internet Privacy: What Issues Arise Over Accessing Private Information Online?


Gov. Janet Mills recently signed into law The Act to Protect the Privacy of Online Consumer Information.  It is one of the nation’s strictest internet privacy protection bills. It requires Maine ISPs to get customers' approval before sharing or selling their personal data. The law prohibits ISPs from offering customers discounts in exchange for selling their data. We discuss the issues that arise over how best to protect private information.



  • Gigi Sohn, nationally recognized net neutrality expert and public advocate; Distinguished Fellow at the Georgetown Institute for Technology Law and Policy; Benton Senior Fellow and Public Advocate. She served as counselor to former FCC Chairman from 2013 to 2016. While at the FCC, she worked on the 2016 Broadband Privacy Rules.
  • Elyse Nielsen, IT security and privacy consultant, Webgistixs
  • Kerem Durdag, President and Chief Operating Officer, GWI, an Internet Service Provider based in Biddeford
  •  Jon Leibowitz, representing the Maine State Chamber of Commerce; co-chair of the 21st Century Privacy Coalition, a group of broadband providers that support strong federal privacy protections; former Chairman and Commissioner of the Federal Trade Comission