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Lighthouses in Maine: The History and Lasting Importance of these Beacons Along Maine's Coastline

Benjamin Williamson / Down East

Maine’s 65 lighthouses are visible symbols of our state’s history and nautical heritage. Many of them are still in operation as beacons for guiding ships at sea. They bring in tourism, and they’re scenic accents to our landscape. We explore the history and role of lighthouses, how they work, why they are so important to our state—and we’ll hear from a longtime lighthouse keeper about his unusual lifestyle and job. This show is timed to coincide with the September issue of Down East magazine, ranks Maine lighthouses.

This topic is part of Maine Calling's ongoing coverage of what is iconic in Maine.


Jeremy D'Entremont, president and historian, American Lighthouse Foundation

Scott Dombrowski, longtime caretaker, Goat Island Lighthouse

Ben Williamson, photographer, Down East magazine