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Human Trafficking: How Sex and Labor Exploitation Is Being Addressed in Maine


Human trafficking encompasses sex and labor trafficking and affects women, men and children. A 2015 study for the Maine Sex Trafficking and Sex Exploitation network estimates 200-300 cases of human trafficking in Maine each year, but cases are hard to investigate and experts believe they are under-reported. We’ll learn how Maine prosecutors and law enforcement officials are changing the way they approach trafficking cases, what’s being done to address it, and where to turn for help.


Daniella Cameron, MSW, senior director, teen and anti-trafficking services, Preble Street

Jess, trafficking survivor

Alicia Peters, associate professor of anthropology, affiliated faculty, University of New England women's and gender studies program; author, "Responding to Human Trafficking: Sex, Gender, and Culture in the Law," published in 2015; currently conducting an ethnographic study of the human trafficking response in northern New England

Jonathan Sahrbeck (by phone), Cumberland County district attorney

Chris Peavey (by phone), FBI special agent

Catalina Piedrahita (by phone), Preble Street anti-trafficking services intensive case manager, Bangor office